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  • Bhakti-vriksha

    The Sector Leader

    From: $ 1.00

    This book is meant for devotees who have been given the responsibility of acting as Sector Leader in a Bhakti-vriksha organization. It is also useful for those who have implemented or are thinking of implementing the Bhakti-vriksha organization in their yatra.

  • Bhakti-vriksha

    Bhakti Vriksha User Guide for Leaders – Set

    From: $ 8.00

    This set covers all six levels mentioned below. In order to achieve success in BV, one needs to have good facilitation skills /techniques, tools and process to enable both the members and the leaders. This BV User Guide is one such tool that aims at enabling the BV leaders by providing them with many easy features for their quick reference before/during their weekly BV meetings. The BV leaders by just following the dedicated leaders section in the user guide can achieve high degree of success and ensure consistent growth of their BV members.

    • Shraddhavan
    • Krsna Sevak
    • Krsna Sadhak
    • Srila Prabhupada Ashraya
    • Sri Guru Charana Ashraya
    • Diksha
  • Bhakti-vriksha

    Free to Preach

    From: $ 2.00

    Free to Preach is a touching and personal account of a grihastha couple spreading Krsna consciousness in a Muslim country in the Middle East by Prema Padmini devi dasi.

  • Congregational Development books

    Gita for Everyone – Booklet 1: Verses and Questionnaire

    From: $ 3.00

    T​his is ​a​ booklet to help you following the “Gita for Everyone”​ course.

    In this booklet you will find all the verses of the 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita As it Is along with the questionnaires for each chapter. The questionnaires are divided in subjects like Structure, Contents, Connection and Meaning.

    Th​is​  booklet will make ​your reading easier by enabling you to look up at any of the chapters, verses or sections of the book in no time. We hope this material will contribute in some way to make Srila Prabhupada’s desire a tangible reality.

  • Congregational Development books

    Super Sunday

    From: $ 2.00

    Muslims on Friday, Jews on Saturday, Christians on Sunday – they all retreat from their work routine and attend religious services. Every faithful person should use the weekly holiday for remembering God and advancing on the spiritual path.

  • Bhakti-vriksha

    The Book of Icebreakers – 2nd Edition

    From: $ 2.00

    The Book of Icebreakers has more than 300 ideas for your Bhakti-vriksha meetings, home programs, youth retreats, seminars, decision-making sessions, reunions, and any time you want to add spice to a gathering. Second Edition Updated and Enlarged.

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