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Assessment Method

Open Book Assessment

The following questions (short essay questions on the next page) are to be answered in short essays. Your responses should be no more than approximately 250 words each. Some questions may require shorter answers.

All questions are mandatory to answer.

The mandatory course summary quiz will help you to process and test what you have learned. Further, the quiz facilitates you writing your assessment essays. The course summary quiz is mandatory and counts 20% to the course assessment (we take your highest quiz result). And you can do it as many times you need to pass the quiz (passing score 80%).

A minimum grade of 65% is required for an overall pass. The course has only two grades – pass and not yet passed. You will receive a report of your assessment from your facilitator.

Please send your assessment paper (all essays together in a single document) in its entirety. We don’t accept and mark partial papers.

Please send your assessment paper in any of the following formats – doc, docx, odt, rtf, txt – to the following email:

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