Challenges in Establishing Bhakti-vriksha - Challenge Three - ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry

Challenges in Establishing Bhakti-vriksha – Challenge Three

Video Transcript

Challenge number three – this is a psychological challenge in some of the leaders. The fear of losing control – losing control over people. Some people may have a sense that the congregation is almost their own property. And Bhakti-vriksha of course empowers people to give shelter to the people. Empowers devotees in the community to take responsibility, to lead groups, to supervise groups, and so on. So, sometimes in the past we have seen this tendency that some of the city leaders or temple leaders may have this fear, this worry that if I empower my people in the Bhakti-vriksha system, I may lose control. So, this is a major, can be a major obstacle to the development of Bhakti-vriksha.

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