Challenges in Establishing Bhakti-vriksha – Challenge Two - ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry

Challenges in Establishing Bhakti-vriksha – Challenge Two

Video Transcript

Challenge number Two – Lack of Dialogue: That means, that sometimes, we, like the ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry, or our Bhakti-vriksha coaches introduce the idea, but sometimes we don’t find then a lot of receptivity. Sometimes devotees don’t really want to talk about the potentialities, the benefits, the advantages of doing Bhakti-vriksha. And sometimes the lack of dialogue hampers the starting and the establishing of a Bhakti-vriksha program. In fact, we are open to discuss if there are challenges, if there are doubts, but it would be nice to have some dialogue. Because without dialogue it is very hard for the seed of the idea of Bhakti-vriksha to take root in peoples mind. And without that, obviously people will not have the motivation or the inspiration to put the effort, the energy to establish Bhakti-vriksha.

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