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Bhakti Sadhanas, Lord Jaganatha keeps expanding His mercy!

Due to the ever-expanding causeless mercy of Lord Jaganatha, Baladeva, and Shubadra Mayii of the ISKCON Sri Jagannatha Mandir of Sesadri Puran in Bangalore, there is a new innovative preaching program that brings the Sunday Love Feast from the temple to different, far and distant places of Bangalore. 

This new dynamic preaching program is called Bhakti Sadhanas. This program allows others that may not have the time, means, or easy accessibility to the temple program to receive the sweet nectar and joy of the association of devotees and the Sunday Love Feast.

The Temple President, Anukul Keshav Prabhu, of ISKCON Sri Jagannatha Mandir of Sesadri Puran in Bangalore was concerned about the people that can not travel the 20-25 kilometers that take 2 hours in the congested Bangalore traffic to reach the temple for the Sunday program. Thus, the inspiration came that ISKCON should go directly to the people that can not make it. The Temple President had a sincere and genuine desire to help extend the mercy of Lord Jagannatha to more people of Banglore and this gave life to the Sunday Bhakti Sadhanas programs.

These programs are like Urban Nama-hattas. They are conducted in the evening in concordance with the Sunday Love Feast programs. The program consists of Tulasi Arati, Bhagavad Gita Class, Gaura Arati, and then prasadam. There is also a children’s program so that everyone can be joyfully engaged. After the program, everyone is served a full meal of tasty prasadam. The Bhakti Sadhanas’ leaders carry the prasadam directly from the temple with them to the programs. Thus, the program leaders do not have to worry about coordinating prasadam and at the same time, many become the recipients of  Lord Jagannatha’s delicious mercy! 

All the members of the nearby Bhakti-vriksha and new devotees also attend this program.

The Bhakti Sadhanas are usually held in a rented house or hall and have about 80 devotees participate. However, some Bhakti Sadhanas can regularly have 120 devotees.

Another great feature of the Bhakti Sadhanas programs is that its timings do not clash with the temple Sunday program. The leaders and coordinators of the Bhakti Sadhanas come to the temple to attend the Sunday program. Then they leave to generously share the mercy with others in different neighbourhoods. 

Given that living in the city can often be challenging, this program has been a sheer blessing for many devotees in Bangalore. By Lord Jagannatha’s mercy, some devotees get the good fortune to have regular weekly association within the vicinity of their home without having to undergo the stress of combatting the Bangalore traffic. 

Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu in all His magnanimity declared that the holy name shall reach every town and village. Thus, this Bhakti Sadhana program is a great new way to help practically expand and strengthen the Sankirtan mission and allow more souls to be the recipients of this great mercy of the Lord!

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