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Bhakti Vriksha Groups

On the other hand, Bhakti-vriksha groups eventually reach fifteen members, and then they will
be ready to multiply. Multiplication means that the group is divided into two groups. Healthy
groups will regularly undergo this cycle of multiplication (between every six to twelve months).
Such multiplication should not come as a surprise.
Everyone should know from the beginning that this will, and should, happen. Multiplication also
helps to maintain the preaching spirit, i.e., that the group’s dharma is to grow and multiply. Upon
multiplying, half of the group stays with the leader, and the other half goes with the trainee-
leader, who now becomes the leader of this new group. But if the trainee-leader is not ready to
lead a group, then it is better to wait and not divide the group immediately. Therefore the leader
must train his trainee, preparing him to become a group leader. This process of multiplication,
despite natural feelings of separation among devotees, should be celebrated enthusiastically.
The Bhakti-vriksha group that has multiplied into two groups continues its outreach work, and
enthusiasm is thus sustained. The members continue to engage beyond the mere two hours of the
weekly meeting. They make spiritual advancement and are eager for more. The older members
also help the younger ones in their advancement. The leaders appoint new trainee-leaders, and
the cycle of growth and multiplication continues.
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