Bhakti Vriksha Hands on Training held in ISKCON Najafgarh (Delhi)

ISKCON Najafgarh had organized a 3 Day workshop Entitled Bhakti Vriksha Hands on Training between 11th-13th September 2019. Around 30 devotees participated in this workshop. This workshop was facilitated by Nityanand Ashraya Prabhu (Temple President) from ISKCON Bahadurgarh, Harayana. 

In the workshop, Nityanand Ashraya Prabhu thoroughly discussed the different preaching techniques, Systematic Training and Education, Different preaching Models, Difference between One-time Program and Cultivation, pitfalls in delivering lessons and their solutions, interactive ways of learning and much much more…. 

If interested in these training programs, please contact our central office in Sridham Mayapur at Chakra Building, Office #128 from 10:00-13:00 / 14:00-17:00 Mon-Fri & 10:00-13:00 on Sat.

Mobile/Whatsapp: +918101880342

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