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Divine Appearance of Srivas Thakur Pandit

28th March 2019 is Divine Appearance of Srivas Thakur Pandit

Srivas Pandita is described as an incarnation of Narada Muni. Through Srivasa Thakur, Lord Chaitanya taught us how He is so much conquered by the love of His devotee and how anyone who is dear to His devotee also conquers His heart.

Because young Nimai Pandita seemed to have grown arrogant by His scholarship, one day Srivasa Pandita told Him, “Why do people study? So that they might understand what is devotion to Sri Krsna. If by scholarship one doesn’t gain devotion to Sri Krsna, then how will that learning help him? It becomes simply a tedious endeavor which in the end is nothing but a waste of time. If you have actually learned something then begin your worship of Sri Krsna now. Make & haste. This is the purpose of your life.”

Nimai laughed as He replied, “By your mercy certainly that will come to be.If you are all kind enough for me, then definitely I’ll attain devotion to Sri Krsna’s lotus feet.”Shortly thereafter Mahaprabhu journeyed to Gaya where He performed the pastimes of accepting initiation from Sri Isvara Puri.The Lord wanted to show us that without blessings of great souls, without the prayers of great Vaishnavas beseeching Krsna to give mercy to us, there is no hope of our really receiving the mercy of Krsna.Lord Krsna was born in Mathura but performed His most intimate pastimes in Vrindavana. Similarly Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was born in the house of Jagannath Mishra, He performed His most intimate pastimes in the house of Srivasa Thakur.

One night while Lord Gauranga was doing kirtan, the son of Srivas Thakur who had a fever, left the body. The ladies started weeping very loudly. Srivas Thakur on hearing that quickly ran into the room he found his son lying dead in front of them all. He told them to give up this crying.There should be no grief, even a most sinful person if they die hearing the holy name and glories of Krsna they become liberated. My son is so fortunate that he left his body hearing the harinaamsankirtan of Lord Chaitanya and His devotees. The Supreme Personality of Godhead Gauranga Mahaprabhu is personally dancing in our house .In this environment my son is so fortunate that he died, he has returned to the spiritual world, the Vaikuntha.Now if you wish to cry, do it silently in your own heart, but don’t tell anyone what has happened, because if you  disturb the ecstatic dancing of my Lord Gauranga then I will tie a pot around my neck and drown myself in the Ganges today.

After speaking all these words Srivas Thakur went back into the kirtan and with a big smile on his face and  began dancing with Lord Chaitanya and the associates. The kirtan went on through out the entire night. When Lord Chaitanya came to know about the incident , He cried tears of love and said how could I ever leave association of such a pure devotee as Srivas Thakur. He loved me so much that he does not expect express the grief of the death of his own son.

Mahaprabhu gave this benediction to Srivasa: “There will never be poverty in your house. If you simply remain indoors, never even venturing out of your house, whatever you require for your worship will come to your door.”


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