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Follow – Up Campaign

The Christmas marathon was very successful, devotees went out, contacted online all over the world and distributed Srila Prabhupada’s transcendental books. Even during the pandemic so many people were made fortunate and were given these books. The distributors tried novel ways to sell books on the Internet.

During book distribution, we meet various types of people, favorable/unfavorable, enthusiast. But once they take the book, it is left to them to advance further on their own. However, if we take their contact details, and after the marathon month, we contact them again, cultivate them and develop a relationship with them. The preaching would have a better impact and the people can make progress faster.

On request of several devotees, to make a program and train the preachers on the importance and process of following-up with their preaching program, the Congregational Development Ministry is launching the Follow-Up Campaign. which will help maximizing the impact of our preaching, and make it more fruitful. #followup#cultivate#preach#iskcon

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