Gaura Purnima Courses 2019 - ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry

Gaura Purnima Courses 2019

                             “CONNECTING PEOPLE TO KRSNA”

As a movement, we are good at advertising and planting seeds but we are not so good at harvesting. This interesting workshop offers 7 simple steps in existing outreach programs with the purpose of optimizing our success and tangible results in relation with the many people that our movement is able to contact.

Who: HG Seva Svarup Das

When: 1030-1230 hours on 28th Feb. 2019 & 1600-1800 hours on 16th March 2019

Where: In room number 135 of Caitanya Bhavan.

                               “OUR YOUTH OUR FUTURE”

This presentation will discuss the benefits, challenges, and strengths in setting a Youth Program. It is hoped the parents, teachers, leaders, and youth themselves become more inspired to take up this important service in strengthening Srila Prabhupada’s movement.

Who: HG Harinam Das & Hari Priya DD

When: 1600-1800 hours on 28th Feb. 2019

Where: In room number 135 of Caitanya Bhavan.

                            “GITA FOR EVERYONE – TRAINING COURSE”

 In line with Srila Prabhupada’s original plan of presenting the Gita widely, the Congregational Ministry has developed this interactive training to enable participants to implement the tools offered in the Gita For Everyone outreach program. The overall objective is to encourage participants to present the Gita’s essential teachings in a very practical and dynamic way so that the public can easily learn, remember and –in turn- present them to others.

Who: HG Iksvaku Das

When: 1000-1300 hours and 1600-1800 hours on 2nd March 2019

Where: In room number 135 of Caitanya Bhavan.

                           “ENGAGING OUR CHILDREN IN KRSNA’S SERVICE”

This presentation proposes to organize our communities with the welfare of our ISKCON children as their primary objective. For this, a number of new resources are being created and several principles to start or enhance children’s programs will be shared with the participants. With this in mind, a new book -Our Future Hope- was published by the CDM, which offers guidance on the upbringing of our children in Krsna consciousness by different senior ISKCON educators.

Who: HG Gaurangi Gandharvika DD

When: 1030-1230 hours on 20th March 2019.

Where: In Gada Bhavan conference room on 20th March.

                            “VAISNAVA LIFE COUNSELING”

The course presents a theoretical and practical framework to better support devotees, families and congregations that may be facing various issues. It presents interactive lessons ranging from the Vaisnava tradition of care according to Srila Prabhupada’s teachings to the practical application of standard principles of counseling in the area of communication, empathic listening, goal setting, conflict resolution, community building and self-care.

Who: HG Iksvaku Das

When: 1000-1300 hours and 1600-1800 hours on 17th March 2019,

1000-1300 hours and 1600-1730 hours on 19th March 2019 and

1000-1300 hours and 1600-1800 hours on 20th March 2019

Where: In room number 135 of Caitanya Bhavan on all the three days.

                            “PREACHING TRAINING”

This exciting new seminar is for senior as well as younger devotees who would like to structure their preaching activities by using mind maps technology for outreach programs, studying scriptures, giving classes and more.

Who: HG Ekalavya Das

When: 1030-1230 hours on 17th March 2019

Where: In Gada Bhavan conference room

                          “BHAKTI-VRIKSHA – HANDS ON TRAINING COURSE”

This is a ten hours comprehensive course, especially designed for those interested in learning to facilitate Bhakti-vriksha sessions in a very systematic manner, centered around aims, objectives and lesson plans. This course is especially recommended for those interested in starting or improving Bhakti-vriksha programs in ISKCON.

Who: HG Nityananda Ashraya Das, temple president ISKCON Bahadurgarh, Haryana.

When: 1000-1300 hours and 1600-1800 hours on 3rd March 2019 and

1000-1300 hours and 1600-1800 hours on 4th March 2019

Where: In room number 135 of Caitanya Bhavan on both the days.


For more than two decades HG Caitanya Avatari Das along with his wife Rasamayi Devi Dasi has been actively working towards creating a team of leaders for congregational preaching in different parts of the world. He has led initiatives using the internet innovatively for preaching and creating leaders, remotely connecting with devotees across time-zones. He and his wife are part of the Congregational Development Ministry team as senior Bhakti-Vriksha coaches. They are also Special Project Coordinators of the Ministry and help the Ministry in different parts of the globe. Both of them are part of the Global Bhakti-Vriksha Research and Development team.

Who: HG Caitanya Avatari Das

When: 1000-1300 hours and 1600-1800 hours on 7th March and

1000-1300 hours and 1600-1800 hours on 8th March

Where: In room number 135 of Caitanya Bhavan on both the days.

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