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Good News from Italy

Parabhakti Prabhu, Temple President of Villa Vrindavana (Florence), has been promoting Bhakti-vriksha (BV) for years in various ways. He has been visiting groups and making his temple available for meetings.

Recently an office of national coordination started, aiming at spreading BV in every town and village; support ISKCON temple and projects; realize a coordinated outreach that would facilitate the members so as to attract more people to KC; provide systematic training and education for all BV levels; facilitate collaboration between groups and temples; develop an active, engaged and growing congregation.

The person responsible for the office is Bhaktya Labhya Prabhu, originally from Switzerland but living in Italy.

Under his direction the Office aims at providing educational materials to the BV leaders (which involves translating from English to Italian), support and inspire them, maintain an active connection, address challenges, ensure that proper BV standards are applied, be a reference point for clarifications, requests and information.

I plan to go to Italy next month, March 2019 and I look forward to meet both Parabhakti Prabhu and Bhaktya Labhya Prabhu and some of the BV groups. Great gratitude for their efforts – they already started nationwide conference calls, for instance – and I truly hope more and more groups will spring up in the following months.

We are planning various seminars and visits. You should hear more about this next month.

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