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Importance of Contact Management

-HH Sridhara Maharaja —

“This idea of creating a database and collecting contacts at all our festivals and in any situation where we come in contact with the public is very important. I tried for a number of years to teach this to devotees and I fully agree with Jayapatäkä Mahäräja as to its importance.

“We can follow up in so many creative ways when we have a list of people who we know are relatively favorable. There is a whole science to database marketing and every successful organization, including non-profit and religious organizations, uses it successfully.…

“I would caution that you should be ready to follow up your collection of data soon after it is collected. Names, addresses, and the impressions of people become redundant quite quickly.

“If nothing is done to follow up and also report the successes of follow up, those doing the collecting of names become despondent. Get some good software and start planning now.”

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