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Important Message to our Congregations

from ISKCON Communication Minister Anuttama Prabhu

From a communications perspective, we know that for a society or an organization to make progress we must identify certain key audiences who are able to help or hurt it in a big way. For any organization what is called the “internal audience” is the most important. They are the closest and the most committed members. ISKCON’s most important audience is our core temple members and our congregational members.

Those people who have awakened to the need of Krsna consciousness are most likely to be inspired to take up Srila Prabhupada’s mission. Leaders and managers must understand how to help develop, nurture and empower our congregation members. More and more of ISKCON’s members are congregational members. Everywhere in the world, our congregation and the potential for increasing our congregation is very great.

In order to maximize the opportunities to understand Lord Nityananda’s and Prabhupada’s vision of spreading Krsna consciousness in every corner of the world, we must engage many more people to make progress in their own spiritual life. The type of work that is being done to nurture youth, the grihastha ashram, the congregational preaching in the communities that surround our temples, and the work we do in various educational programs are keys to the future success of our movement.

Without making congregational development a top priority, we will not be able to take full advantage of the mercy that Lord Caitanya is giving us. The most important service is to preach to the devotees and help cultivate Krsna consciousness in the hearts of all the living beings who approach Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya’s movement.

(Excerpt from the book ‘The Nectar of Congregational Preaching’ by ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry)

“For downloading this excellent book, please follow this link

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