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ISKCON’s First Board Book Series

ISKCON’s first board book series, “Krsna’s Library Set 1” by Nandapriya Books, in partnership with ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry, has been launched and is now available for purchase!

This series is the first of its kind to teach our little Vaikuntha Children the basics of the world around them, with Krsna-themed illustrations and concepts. As HH Jayapataka Swami commented, “we want all our children to become Paramahamsas!” and that kind of training starts from the very beginning. Young mother and artist Nandapriya Prema dd discovered a lack of children’s resources, particularly with board books and resources for early childhood. “We want the best for our children and try to keep their surroundings and their experience of the world as Krsna Conscious as possible… but often the very first books they own in their life are just a generic standard set, with computer-edited photographs cut out and pasted onto a white background. Our sweet little babies learn with 1 dog, 2 cats, 3 ice cream cones, and so on…. Coming from such a rich culture full of wonderful visuals, I felt that we could do better for our children.”

Krsna’s Library Set 1 contains 5 board books with hand-drawn artwork that is attractive to toddlers and young children alike. The books are sturdy and durable, and young children can easily have the independence of turning the pages on their own. They also contain simple text that is specifically formulated for beginner readers with short sentences, easy words, and simple concepts for the young mind.
Krsna’s Library Set 1 contains:
Krsna’s Numbers
Krsna’s Colors
Krsna’s Arati
Nine Ways to Love Krsna
Krsna’s Favorites
Krsna’s Library Set 2 will be released shortly!

Radha Sundari dd writes, “Nandapriya Devi, with her new children’s board book series, “Krsna’s Library Set 1″, has fulfilled a decades long need in our ISKCON communities — well-executed books for children that are educational, inspirational, and fun! Each book in the series features her elegant artwork and simple yet profound reminders of our loving friend, Krsna, flowing so naturally through lessons on colors, numbers, and devotional concepts.”

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Please consider stocking this wonderful resource in bulk for your local temple, congregation, gift shop, school or sanga group!

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