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Lord Nrsimhadeva Protects His Devotees

No doubts Lord Nrsimhadeva protects His devotees. From Prahlada Maharaja to Srila Prabhupada and to those who are fortunate to seek shelter of Him even today. In Mayapur, the ferocious and yet beautiful form of the Lord offers shelter to the devotees of Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s movement. With specific emphasis, this form of Krsna, favors those who like Prahlad support the preaching mission.

There are numerous stories of how the Lord has intervened to safeguard the wellbeing of his prayful devotees. The ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry (CDM) arranges monthly offerings to the Ugra Nrisimha deity for the protection of devotees around the world.

As an act of gratitude for our sponsors, we, the Congregational Development Ministry, offer a monthly offering on behalf of all our donors. Subscribe and get a monthly puja for Lord Nrsimhadev done on your family’s name!

To subscribe to the monthly offering to Lord Nrsimhadev in the name of your family, please visit our website https://iskconcongregation.com/cdm-subscriptions/

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