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Lord Nrsimhadev resolves a father’s dilemma

My father and mother, living at Bakura district, Catna village, are initiated devotees of the Gaudiya Math. My name is Gauranga. I had joined the ISKCON Sri Mayapur temple six months ago, and after finishing the three months bhakta training course, I was put in the school preaching service.

A few days ago just before Jhulan Purnima (the Lord’s swing festival), my father came to take me back to my house with a request from him and other family members that I should sit for the higher board examination and get a degree. I also had a slight desire to go and see my mother. However on hearing my father’s intention, devotees, concerned devotees made heartfelt requests.

One even fell at his feet, begging him not to take me back to the world of Maya (illusion). My father, being a Vaishnava (devotee of the Lord) himself, fell in a great dilemma. Finally he took shelter of Lord Nrsimhadev and prayed to Him for guidance. That night Lord Nrsimhadev appeared in my father’s dream. The Lord was in a very calm mood.

He rubbed the palm of his hand on my father and said, “My dear son, you go. Your son shall remain here at My lotus feet.” Upon seeing the Lord, my father, completely startled, started to pay obeisances. Then Lord Nrsimhadev disappeared. My father happily told my in charge that I may remain and continue to serve here. I also called and informed the other family members that I was not ready to appear for any kind of examinations this year.

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