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Lord Nrsimhadeva Amazing Pastime

There was a fight in a village, and in the course of the fight, one person was attacked with acid as a result of which his whole face was burnt and terribly disfigured. The sight of one of his eyes was completely lost and the other eye had only about 10% vision. 

The doctors said that the remaining eye, through which he had 10% vision, would also go blind very soon. They suggested taking the patient to Vellore (South India) for further treatment, to see if they could do something about it.

At that time a devotee who was there suggested that they should pray to Lord Nrsimhadev for the recovery of his eyes. They did as they were told and prayed to Lord Nrsimhadev (at ISKCON Mayapur).

The very next day, much to the doctor’s surprise, it was found that the patient could see everything very nicely. Sri Nrsimhadev Bhagavan ki Jay!

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