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Lord Nrsimhadeva’s mercy even on non-devotees.

The mercy of Lord Nrisimhadeva at Mayapur is famous and I have an interesting story in brief. I know a couple Ashok Ghosh and his wife Shila Ghosh from Kolkata, who married twelve years ago. Four years before when I met them, they shared their worries with me. Like other childless couples, who undertake treatments or throw faith in magical amulets, this young couple too was attracted to artificial means to have a baby. Incidentally, I suggested them to take shelter of Jagrata Nrsiimhadeve at ISKCON Mayapur. In the year 2006, Nrisimha Caturdasi day, the couple came too Mayapur and observed the Vrata seriously, approached the Lord, and paid their sincere offerings to Him with full surrender.

A year later, when I visited Calcutta, incidentally I met the couple and found them extremely happy. To my amazement, I saw carrying a small baby in the lap. I enquired who the child was? The couple narrated to me the blessings of Lord Nrisimhadeva upon them. This is a clear example of the Lord’s mercy upon anyone who takes shelter of Him. This is an instance; even a non-devotee has been blessed with His mercy. The Lord can bless anything to anyone if surrenders to Him and incidentally utters His holy name even once.

The ancients performed putrakameshthi yajna to invoke the divinities and bless the childless couple to have progeny. In kaliyuga, we short-lived humans forgot those tedious Vedic yajnas. In this disastrous age, surrendering to the God and uttering His holy names is the greatest sacrifice one can offer as Lord Caitanya instructed us through His divine Grace A. C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. As the Vishnupurana says, “Ten years of tapasya in sattya yuga equates to one year of tapasya in tertayuga, and it equates to one month of tapas in dvapayuga and it equates to just one day of tapasya in kaliyuga. Anyone who surrenders to the Lord and utters His holy name even once, the merciful Lord will bless him all his needs and at the end will offer him a chance to reach the Supreme Destination even the king of heaven Indra is ineligible to obtain. Therefore, let us always recite the mahamantra —


O’ Lord Nrisimhadeva, I beg you to bless upon us Your benediction to please remember You always. Please bless me be free from all obstacles and dwell in pure love of Radha Madhava at Mayapur, and let me be their servant forever.

Lakshman das, Vrindavan, India

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