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Merciful Lord Nrsimhadev

I remember once I got a call from my family in New Zealand telling me that my auntie had an agressive cancer, and most probably only a few more weeks to live.

My good Godsister Ganga devi (wife of Param Dhama prabhu) is living also in Mayapur, so I called her and asked to please pray to Lord Nrsimhadev for a smooth transition. My auntie came every year to visit me, accompanied me to the temple and even did service whenever she was here. So Ganga told me she would offer manjaris to the Lord and pray for her. Meanwhile my family was pushing me to come, as they said there was not much time left.

I took a flight to New Zealand and when I arrived I went straight to the hospice where she was staying, where they were going to discharge her that very day, as there was nothing they could do for her. She was down to 30 kg and could hardly walk. We took her to the house of my family and I gave a picture of Lord Nrsimhadev and told her that the devotees are praying for her. All of a sudden, every day she became stronger, started to eat, started to sleep better, I took her several time out for a walk in a wheelchair but after one week she started to walk again alone.So during my stay she was constantly improving. After three weeks I had to leave.

But ever since it is getting better and better, a few days ago I spoke to her and she gained 10 kg and is doing exercises on a indoor bike!!! The doctor has stopped all her medicine and the ones who are doing the follow up can´t hardly believe what they see. They still have not figured out what is happening to her.

Last summer we had Pankajanghri prabhu visiting our Malaga temple and in one lecture he said that sometimes they call the Lord “Dr.Nrsimhadev”. I can only agree!!

So now I only pray to the Lord that, as he gave a second chance to my auntie, he will please give her spiritual insight so that she will use the rest of her life in a way that is pleasing to the Lord.


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