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Merciful Lord Nrsimhadev

During 2004 Kavipriya devi dasi of South Kolkata, a disciple of His Holiness Jayapataka Swami made some bracelets for Lord Nrsimhadev. Somehow or other she could not come to Mayapur and offer them to the Lord. In the meantime she started becoming sick in different ways.

She went to the doctors and tried various treatments, but there was no cure. Lastly the doctors said that her problem was thyroid. As a result, she would eventually be unable to move.

As she was in great anxiety, thinking what to do, all of a sudden she remembered about Lord Nrsimhadev and the bracelets which she was supposed to offer to Him.

Even though she was ill, she made the endeavor to come to Mayapur to give Him the bracelets. After offering them to Lord Nrsimhadev, all the symptoms of illness were totally removed within three days.

All glories to Lord Nrsimhadev!

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