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Merciful Lord Nrsimhadeva

On Wednesday evening, Oct 22, 2008, we were performing our regular deity service at our local ISKCON temple in Houston. We were dressing the deities of Sri Sri Radha Nilamadhava. I heard our cell phone ringing couple of times but I did not want to interrupt our service, so I did not pick it up. However, when it rang again, I felt that it must be an emergency. So, I got out of the altar and saw missed calls from my godbrother in Atlanta, HG Lakshman Ram Prabhu.

When I called him back, he gave me the most shocking news about Srila Jayapataka Swami Guru Maharaja. He said that Guru Maharaj has fallen unconscious in Mumbai. He was not very sure of the cause of this, but everyone was worried. After that, I was not able to focus my mind properly on my service, so I started praying helplessly to the deities while completing my service.

Later, I called Mayapur to get some updates. Even there, they did not have clear picture as to what was the cause of Guru Maharaj’s unconsciousness. We were just told to pray. When we came back home that night, we chanted special prayers to Lord Nrsinghadev for Guru Maharaj’s protection.

We offered 108 tulasi leaves to Lord Nrsinghadev, chanting 108 name of Lord Nrsinghadev. We spent the night in constant anxiety and prayers.

Suddenly, I found myself in front of a door. When I opened the door, I saw Guru Maharaj lying down on the bed. I entered the room and stood by Guru Maharaj’s bedside. He had tubes all over Him. It was intolerable to see Guru Maharaj n that situation. I started crying very profusely.

All of a sudden, the door to the room flung open and there stood Lord Ugrastanu Nrsinghadev of Mayapur, in all His glory. As He walked inside, I came forward and fell in prostrated obeisances in front of Lord Nrsinghadev. He picked me up and embraced me with all His eight hands. Very lovingly, the Lord spoke, “Why are you so worried? To relieve you of your worries, I have come here personally. To show you that I am personally taking care, I have come here. Come!!! Let me show you.”

Lord Nrsinghadev took me by my hand towards Guru Maharaja’s bedside. Then, with His little finger of His left hand, He extended His hands on the back of Guru Maharaja’s head. Gently, with the nail of His little finger, He started caressing the back of Guru Maharaja’s head, in the area above the neck.

The Lord continued, “See!! I am personally taking care. So, do not worry.”

I felt assured and peaceful. All my anxiety dissipated. I knew that this whole situation was directly in Lord Nrsinghadev’s Lotus Hands.

Sri Ugrastanu Nrsinghadev Bhagavan ki Jai!!!

Kalasudha devi dasi, Houston, Texas.

Reference: Narasimhalila

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