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Gundica Marjanam — Process of Cleansing and Purifying our hearts

śrī-guṇḍicā-mandiram ātma-vṛndaiḥ sammārjayan kṣālanataḥ sa gauraḥ sva-citta-vac chītalam ujjvalaṁ ca kṛṣṇopaveśaupayikaṁ cakāra ‘Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu washed and cleansed the Guṇḍicā temple with His devotees and associates. In this way, He made it as cool and bright as His own heart, and thus He made the temple a befitting place for Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa to sit.’ …

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Glories of Yogini Ekadasi

Yogini Ekadasi Date of fasting (Mayapur): 24/06/2022 Breaking fast on 25/06/2022 | 05:43 (sunrise) – 09:23 (1/3 of daylight) LT ‘Oh you sinful rascal! Oh destroyer of religious principles! You are a walking offense to the devas! I, therefore, curse you to suffer from white leprosy and to become separated from your beloved wife! Only …

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Glories of Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi

Pandava Nirjala EkadasiDate of fasting (Mayapur): 11/06/2022Breaking fast on 12/06/2022 | 04:49 (sunrise) – 09:20 (1/3 of daylight) LT ‘Oh Bhima, now hear the specific merit one gets by fasting on this Ekadasi. The Supreme Lord Keshava, who holds a conch, discus, club, and lotus, personally told me, “Everyone should take shelter of Me and …

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School Preaching Program

Mamta Kamath Mataji (a Bhakti-vriksha Leader) conducted a summer camp in a school in Mumbai at Mulund as part of a school preaching program in May 2022. We were very happy to support them with advice and receive this wonderful video of the occasion in return. You can watch it below! The kids were definitely …

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Glories of Apara Ekadasi

Apara Ekadasi ( Ekadasi) Date of fasting (Mayapur): 26/05/2022 Breaking fast on 27/05/2022 | 04:50 (sunrise) – 09:19 (1/3 of daylight) LT ‘Oh Bharata, for the benefit of all humanity I have thus described to you the importance of the holy Apara Ekadasi. Anyone who hears or reads this description is certainly freed from all …

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Glories of Mohini Ekadasi

Mohini Ekadasi (Ekadasi) Date of fasting (Mayapur): 12/05/2022 Breaking fast on 13/05/2022 | 04:55 (sunrise) – 09:20 (1/3 of daylight) LT ‘Oh Rama, that day is known as Vaisakha-sukla Ekadasi, which falls on Dwadasi. It removes all sins and is famous as Mohini Ekadasi. Truly, oh dear Rama, the merit of this Ekadasi frees the …

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Glories of Varuthini Ekadasi

Varuthini Ekadasi Date of fasting (Mayapur): 26/04/2022 Breaking fast on 27/04/2022 | 06:44 (sunrise) – 09:24 (1/3 of daylight) LT   ‘Upon anyone who observes it, this Ekadasi bestows material enjoyment in this life and liberation after the death of this present body. It destroys the sins of all and saves people from the miseries …

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Vyasa Puja of H.H. Srila Jayapataka Swami Maharaj 2022

After three long years, devotees got to see their beloved spiritual father and spiritual master, His Holiness Srila Jayapataka Swami Maharaj, the life and soul of thousands and thousands of devotees. Mayapur was packed with more than fifteen-thousand devotees, on the auspicious occasion of His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj’s 73rd Vyasa-Puja Celebration.  The festival lasted …

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Glories of Kamada Ekadasi

Kamada Ekadasi Date of fasting (Mayapur): 13/04/2022 Breaking fast on 14/04/2022 | 05:16 AM – 09:30 AM LT ‘Oh heavenly maiden, there is an Ekadasi named Kamada that occurs in the light fortnight of the month of Chaitra. It is coming up soon. Whoever fasts on this day has all his desires fulfilled. If you …

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Sri Rama Navami

Today marks the auspicious Appearance Day of Lord Ramachandra, Rama Navami. It is a blessing to us when the Lord comes into the material world. There are so many pastimes that appeared during the presence of Lord Ramachandra.   Once Lord Ramachandra came to Navadwip with Mother Sita, He unveiled to Sita Devi, the news of …

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