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Glories of Mohini Ekadasi

Mohini Ekadasi (Ekadasi) Date of fasting (Mayapur): 12/05/2022 Breaking fast on 13/05/2022 | 04:55 (sunrise) – 09:20 (1/3 of daylight) LT ‘Oh Rama, that day is known as Vaisakha-sukla Ekadasi, which falls on Dwadasi. It removes all sins and is famous as Mohini Ekadasi. Truly, oh dear Rama, the merit of this Ekadasi frees the …

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Glories of Varuthini Ekadasi

Varuthini Ekadasi Date of fasting (Mayapur): 26/04/2022 Breaking fast on 27/04/2022 | 06:44 (sunrise) – 09:24 (1/3 of daylight) LT   ‘Upon anyone who observes it, this Ekadasi bestows material enjoyment in this life and liberation after the death of this present body. It destroys the sins of all and saves people from the miseries …

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Vyasa Puja of H.H. Srila Jayapataka Swami Maharaj 2022

After three long years, devotees got to see their beloved spiritual father and spiritual master, His Holiness Srila Jayapataka Swami Maharaj, the life and soul of thousands and thousands of devotees. Mayapur was packed with more than fifteen-thousand devotees, on the auspicious occasion of His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj’s 73rd Vyasa-Puja Celebration.  The festival lasted …

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Glories of Kamada Ekadasi

Kamada Ekadasi Date of fasting (Mayapur): 13/04/2022 Breaking fast on 14/04/2022 | 05:16 AM – 09:30 AM LT ‘Oh heavenly maiden, there is an Ekadasi named Kamada that occurs in the light fortnight of the month of Chaitra. It is coming up soon. Whoever fasts on this day has all his desires fulfilled. If you …

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Sri Rama Navami

Today marks the auspicious Appearance Day of Lord Ramachandra, Rama Navami. It is a blessing to us when the Lord comes into the material world. There are so many pastimes that appeared during the presence of Lord Ramachandra.   Once Lord Ramachandra came to Navadwip with Mother Sita, He unveiled to Sita Devi, the news of …

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Glories of Papamochani Ekadasi

Papamochani Ekadasi Date of fasting (Mayapur): 28/03/2022 Breaking fast on 29/03/2022 | 05:32 (sunrise) – 09:38 (1/3 of daylight) LT   ‘Dear son, you must fast on Papamochani Ekadasi, which occurs during the dark fortnight of the month of Chaitra. It eradicates all sins, no matter how grievous they may be. Medhavi followed his father’s …

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Srivas Thakur

Srivas Thakur (Srivas Pandit) is one of the most important personalities who assisted Lord Caitanya in His pastimes. As the treasurer of the Holy Name, he would select the participants in Lord Caitanya’s confidential kirtans. He is Narada Muni and he is Madhumangala in Krsna Lila. He was very attached to the Holy Name. Once …

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Gaura Purnima 2022

Today, on the 18th of March 2022, we are celebrating Gaura Purnima, the day of the greatest joy for the Gaudiya Vaisnavas. Kali-yuga, being the most inauspicious age, became the greatest boon for its members, as their disqualification became the greatest qualification to achieve Kṛṣṇa Prema, which even Demigods struggle to attain. Furthermore, the demigods …

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Glories of Amalaki Ekadasi

Amalaki Ekadasi Date of fasting (Mayapur): 14/03/2022 Breaking fast on 15/03/2022 | 05:45 (sunrise) – 09:45 (1/3 of daylight) LT   ‘Therefore, Oh King Mandhata,’ the venerable Vasishtha Muni concluded, ‘…anyone who observes this holy Amalaki Ekadasi will undoubtedly attain the supreme abode of Lord Vishnu, so great is the religious merit earned from the …

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Steps of Bhakti Towards the Lord

On the 27th of February 2022, an awarding ceremony and the first Shiksha ceremony were held in Sri Krsna Mandir (the ISKCON temple of Nagarabhavi). H.G. Ravindra Nitai prabhu is a Bhakti-vriksha coach and the Center Head of yatra in ISKCON Nagarabhavi (Bangalore). The coordinators of Bhakti-vrikshas are the 2 maha-cakras of the yatra: H.G. …

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