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Prayers Fulfilled

Once, Lord Nrsimhadev’s worship was going on as usual when the pujari noticed that one flower fell from Nrsimhadev’s garland. The pujari asked the visitors if anyone was offering any special prayers to Lord Nrsimhadev. The visitors in front did not say anything, but from the back one lady came forward with tears in her eyes. She said, “My daughter got married about four or five years ago and she has no issue. The people in my son-in-law’s house consider it inauspicious. So I was praying to Nrsimhadev that He might help her in her desperate situation.” Then the pujari said, “Your prayer is granted, the symptom is that this flower fell from Nrsimhadev’s garland. Please take this and keep it nicely. You can wash this flower and give the water to your daughter to drink.” Then the lady left, and later the pujari forgot the incident.

After one year, the same devotee, along with her daughter, son-in-law and a newborn baby came smiling to Nrsimhadev. She reminded the pujari about the prayer she made one year back, as a result of which her daughter gave birth to a very nice baby boy, whom they named Prahlad. And once again they offered a very nice puja (offering) to Lord Nrsimhadev.

As an act of gratitude for our sponsors, the CDM makes a monthly offering on behalf of all our donors. Kindly subscribe and receive the benefit of a monthly puja for Lord Nrsimhadeva done on your family’s name.

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