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Purusottama Month

Only a few days are remaining in the month of Purusottama! This auspicious time is most favourable to do seva, especially giving in charity. Any service performed is a thousand times more powerful than that done even in the month of the Damodara.  Please use this opportunity to sponsor the 16 Upacara Pooja for our Lordships Sri Sri Radha Madhava.
Purusottama Month means 1000 times the benefits!
Hare Krsna! We hope you are enjoying the celebration of this merciful Purusottama month.
One of the important recommendations is to give charity to the devotees and brahmanas. Srila Prabhupada also emphasizes to support the preaching.
As you know, the ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry is actively assisting congregations worldwide to expand. We have organized the daily worship of the small Sri Sri Radha Madhava deities in the Mayapur temple with 16 articles (upacaras). You and your family can contribute to this service by assisting with the costs. In reciprocation, we will organize:

1. Your name to be read to Radha Madhava.
2. Being part of the donors offering gifts to the Brahmanas who are doing the worship.
3. You will part of a special offering to Lord Nrsimhadeva on your behalf at the end of the month.

Every act of charity you perform in this special month will be multiplied by 1000 times according to our acaryas and the scriptures. We thank you beforehand for your support.
Kindly send your generous donations to https://iskconcongregation.com/cdm-subscriptions/

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