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Thank You, Lord, For Giving Me A Second Chance

Hare Krsna. My name is Andharupa dasi initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1975 at Miami Florida. I was asked to tell my story of my cure from Hepatitis C.

The summer of 2004 His Holiness Jayapataka Maharaja visited New Ramana Reti temple in Alachua Florida. I approached Maharaja and asked him for his blessings for my departure from this world. My illness: Hepatitis C of 3rd stage fibrosis of the liver. I was undergoing medical treatment for a duration of 48 weeks with only 45% chance to be cured with many side effects. Jayapataka Maharaja said to me “You see this staff? It was touched to Lord Nrsimhadev in Mayapur.” Then he touched it to my head. That night I had a dream my body was diseased with leprosy and started to fade away. The next morning, I had a phone call from the University of Florida. The doctors told me “Congratulations. You are Hepatitis C free. The viral count is non-reactive in just 8 weeks!” The doctors were amazed especially for I had genotype 1, the deadly type of Hepatitis C.

When I started this treatment, I prayed to Lord Nrsimhadev every day, “Whatever your desire, You may take me from this world or you may cure me. Whatever you see fit. However, please allow me to always be engaged in your pure devotional service.” Thank you, Lord, for giving me a second chance.

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