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Thank You, Lord Narasimhadeva

To show gratitude to our donors, we, the Congregational Development Ministry, make a monthly offering to Lord Narasimhadev in your family’s name!

If you’d like to part of this offering, please visit our website:

Here’s a story describing the immeasurable mercy of Lord Narasimha Dev

On April 22, 2005, Revati Sundari devi dasi, age 8, was climbing on the roof of the bamboo playhouse in the Grhastha park in Sri Mayapur dham. She fell through the roof, landing on her head, and the roof caved in on top of her. Gaura Baba, our wonderful homeopathic vaishnava doctor, treated her for concussion and shock and suggested a scan.

After three days, Revati woke up in the night vomiting black blood. We rushed her to Kolkata. On the way there, clear fluid was leaking from her nose, then violent nosebleeds started.

We took her straight to a good pediatrician, who immediately called in the top neurologist in the city. He ordered a CT scan and then, seeing the results, he sent us to a very good neurosurgeon, who has his own private hospital. Revati was admitted right away.

The symptoms continued through the night, and we found out that the clear fluid leaking from her nose was brain fluid (CFS). The scan clearly showed a fracture in the floor of her brain, from which the brain fluid was escaping. Also, her brain was swollen and blood was pooling there, causing pressure. She had extreme pain in her head which was unabated since the accident. The doctors worked on her for a couple of days, giving her medicine intravenously. The whites of her eyes became totally red. She was like a limp rag with little interest in anything.

Finally, the doctors said that the next morning, early, they would do a special scan showing all the sections of her brain to determine the exact extent of the injuries and then would probably decide to operate to repair the damage. They would tell us their decision by 9 am.

I phoned Pankajanghri Prabhu, explaining the situation and asking him to please pray to Lord Nrsimhadev. He immediately said he would do a full puja (offering) between 5 and 7am.

The next morning when I met the doctors, they were looking amazed and said that the new scan showed that the injuries were miraculously almost healed. All the symptoms such as pain, violent nosebleeds, brain fluid leakage, vomiting, etc. had abruptly stopped.

When I went in to see Revati, she was sitting up in bed looking bright-eyed and fresh, and her eyes were fully white again. We understood immediately that it was only by the mercy of Lord Nrsimhadev that this was possible. Thank you, Lord Nrsimhadev!

In gratitude and love, your servant Racitambara dasi

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