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The Lord Who Brought Mahaprabhu to This World

Today we are celebrating the Appearance Day of Advaita Acarya. He is known as Gaur-ana Gosai, as He brought Lord Caitanya to this planet with His sincere loud prayers and allowed us to enjoy the real spiritual bliss, the purpose of our existence. Being Bhakta-Avatar, He would always chant the Lord’s Name and spread the knowledge of the bhakti movement by glorifying pure devotional service. Therefore, to preach the movement of devotional service we should take shelter of His divine lotus feet.

 He spent His days blissfully being absorbed in hearing the glories of Lord Krsna, serving His devotees and congregationally chanting the Holy Name. In spite of being a Grihasta, He used to regularly hold congregational reading and hearing of the Lord’s pastimes and the philosophy of Srimad ‘Bhagavad-Gita’ with other devotees, followed by loud melodious Kirtana. From this we see how pleasing these activities are to the Lord and His dear devotees. 

Never did He speak of anything which was devoid of devotional service. Once at Santipur He taught the philosophy of impersonalism – that, only to get chastised by Lord Caitanya. Santipur is that place where Srila Prabhupada went to beg for Advaita Acarya’s mercy, before He began His journey to the Western world. 

Through His relationship with Lord Caitanya we learn how to respect our God brothers as we do our own spiritual master brothers, and we should never commit Vaisnava aparadha, because Lord Caitanya Himself did not offer Krsna Prema to His own mother, Sachi devi, as she had offended Advaita Acarya in her mind. 

Sri Advaita Acarya’s aspiration was to become the servitor of Their Lordships. Through this mood He taught us that if we just declare ourselves as the servants of Lord Caitanya, then our lives will become a success. So please become a servitor, empower the Hare Krsna movement by reading the ‘Bhagavad-Gita’ every day and sharing the teachings with everyone and everywhere. He asked us to be the servant of the servant of the Lord, to do congregational chanting of the Holy Name, to serve Vaisnavas and avoid criticism and committing offences toward Vaisnavas. If we wish to progress on the path of spiritual life, then we need to follow His footsteps, as He used His words, thoughts and actions in rendering pure devotional service to Lord Caitanya.

Ultimately everything He did was simply to reveal to the world the glories of the Holy Name of Krsna and to induce the fallen souls of this world to chant the Holy Names. So, on this auspicious day we have the opportunity to show our gratitude towards Him, Who appeared in such a wonderful way to spread Lord Caitanya’s message. Thus, we can please Him by spreading the message of devotional service all over the globe, and attain His causeless mercy.

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