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What We Do


1. According to the availability of translators, identify main languages that CDM materials need to be translated.
2. Complete all areas of the translation process (translation, editing, proofreading, and printing)

Some of our books which been translated

Sri Godruma Kalpatavi – English to Bengali, Russian and Hindi
Bhakti-vriksha Manual – English to Spanish

1. Storing books
2. Starting a promotional campaign for the distribution of CDM books (Facebook, Webpage, book tables, stalls, etc.)
3. Maintain records of distribution

For more information on the contents of this book and other activities of the Congregational Development Ministry, please contact:

Email: cdmofficeiskcon@gmail.com
Website: www.iskconcongregation.com
Facebook: iskcon congregation
WhatsApp: +91 8101 880 342


As you can see, in order for the Ministry to expand, and to make Srila Prabhupäda’s vision for the future of ISKCON possible, we need more devotee staff, resources, and money. As members, if ISKCON, we play a vital role in making this possible, so we strongly encourage you to connect with us by helping this mission of Congregational Preaching.

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