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Becoming Your Devotee: Chapters 1-8 – Lesson Plans!

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Teaching children has never been easier! We have everything all planned out for you!

Bhakti Kids is providing a spiritual curriculum that goes hand-in-hand with our children’s book, Becoming Your Devotee, to engage children in Krsna consciousness.

These lesson plans provide you with a step-by-step guide for using the fun lesson and activities from all the 8 chapters of Becoming Your Devotee. There are a total of 63 lesson plans which is more than enough material for a 1.5 year curriculum for children age 7+. Our goal is to help you organise spiritual fun-filled classes for children, whether at home or in your temple programs.

In this teaching program, we will explore how to put tilak on 12 parts of our body, learn about the 9 processes of devotional service, learn how to offer bhoga and arati to the Deities. We will learn about our most merciful Lords – Gaura Nitai, understand the history of following Ekadasi and other topics. We will explore these interesting Krsna conscious topics through games, crafts, writing exercises, dramas, stories, puzzles and much more!

Download this easy but comprehensive teaching guide featuring 95+ hours of Krsna-filled fun, covering the basics of learning the practice of Krsna Consciousness.

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