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Garbhadhana-Samskara – Science of Vedic Family Planning

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Garbhadhana Sanskara – The Science Of Vedic Family Planning (A Complete Guide) A Complete Guide On Garbhadhana-Samskara, The Science Of Vedic Family Planning. The Vedic Conception Of Family Planning Is The Conscious Planning Of The Act Of Sexual Consummation Driven By The Sole Purpose Of Obtaining A Virtuous Progeny And Not For Sense Gratification. Therefore, The Act Of Sexual Union Is Considered As A Sacred Act Of Yajna Or Offering To Lord Visnu. This Sacred Act Is Governed By A Set Of Medical, Cultural, Astrological And Spiritual Instructions. It Is Indeed A Great Science. There Is A Great Need To Train And Educate The Youth Regarding This Great Science Of Garbhadhana-Samskara. This Book Is A Sincere Attempt For Such An Education. Nowadays, There Is Talk And Controversy Regarding Vedic Sex Education. We Hope That This Work Will Be Useful To The Teacher Or Parents To Teach, As Well For The Students To Learn. Similarly, We Sincerely Hope That It Will Be Useful For Unmarried Youths; Useful To Those Who Are Just Married; And Also Useful To All Those Married For Long But Still Desirous Of Progeny. It Can Also Be Used As A Tool For Preaching The Vedic Culture And Science. Let There Be Virtuous Progeny All Over The World! Let Daiva Varnasrama Culture Be Re-Established In The Society!

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