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Krsna’s Library Set 1

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Special Indian Price: Rs. 850 + Shipping.
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Set of 5 books:

KRISHNA’S NUMBERS: Teach your child to count 1 – 10 while remembering Krsna and all His glorious forms, pastimes, and dear devotees!

KRISHNA’S COLORS: Learn to recognize the colors in the world around us and make transcendental connections to the Supreme Artist!

KRISHNA’S FAVORITES: Teach your baby all about sweet little Krsna and all that He loves!

NINE WAYS TO LOVE KRISHNA: How do we express our love to Krsna? Teach your child about the Nine Processes of Devotional Service and learn about those pure devotees who perfected their lives by practicing each of these!

KRISHNA’S ARATI: Does your child love going to the temple and watching Arati? This is the perfect book to help them learn and follow along too!

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  • Hand drawn artwork.
  • Krsna-themed, simple and attractive!
  • Beginner reading level: short sentences, easy words, simple concepts.
  • Great for toddlers and children who like the independence of turning the pages on their own – its printed on thick board so its durable in that way.
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