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Krsna-Krida, The Art Of Engaging Children’s Playful Attitude

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This book explores one of the 64 traditional arts of Indian called ‘Bala-kridanakani’. The Art of Engaging Children’s Playful Attitude. Children have a natural attitude to play. And, Krsna’s playful pastimes are a natural attraction for a conditioned soul. Hence children can from very beginning cultivate a taste for devotional service very easily and can be raised up to to the stage of ruciasakti and prema. The book involves a detailed description of the psychology of a child at different age groups and how sambandhaabhidheya and prayojana be achieved at every stage.
Children can be raised up to the platform of exchanging loving devotional relationship with the Supreme Lord. The book goes on to deal in great detail with each and every game Krsna played with His cowherd friends. King Pariksit used to play similarly in love of Krsna as explained by acaryas. Children can be provided information about all those games that Krsna played, how He played and what pastimes He did. With this, children naturally and spontaneously engage in Krsna-krida.

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