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Becoming Your Devotee: Chapter 3 – Lesson Plans!

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Teaching children has never been easier! We have everything all planned out for you!

Bhakti Kids is providing a spiritual curriculum that goes hand-in-hand with our children’s book, Becoming Your Devotee, to engage children in Krsna Consciousness. These lesson plans provide you with a step-by-step guide for using the fun lesson and activities from Chapter 2 of Becoming Your Devotee. Our goal is to help you organise spiritual fun-filled classes for children, whether at home or in your temple programs.

Join us for Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda’s adventures! We will dive into the glories of Gaura Nitai and explore Their divine appearances and the special reasons They appeared. Would you like to learn the auspicious markings on Their lotus feet and the meanings behind them? Did you know that They have special pranama mantras that we chant to glorify Them?

Let’s celebrate Their birthdays with our friends in our homes by singing a Vaisnava song in the harmonium, cooking Gauranga Potatoes and offering this delicious preparation to Nitai Gauranga! We got a drama script ready for you along with fun-filled games and crafts such as glitter candles, beading necklaces and creating a photo frame!

15+ hours of fun Gaura Nitai themed activities to do!

Minimum Donation: $ 3.00

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