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Invoice Date February 26, 2020
Total Due $48.00
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Rojarani Talanki Anjaneyulu
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Rojarani Talanki Anjaneyulu
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If you are ok with the shipment price, please go ahead and make the payment. 

If you would rather pay less for the shipment, the rates reduce drastically when the shipped amount is larger.

For example:

... Sending 2 books will cost you 40% less per book than sending just one.

... Sending 3 books will cost you 15% less per book than sending 2 books.

If you like, we can connect you with devotees in your area who also want to order the book.

Please write to us to

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1Becoming Your Devotee
$ 15.00$ 15.00
Subtotal:$ 15.00
Shipping:$ 33.00 via Flat rate, Shipping
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Total:$ 48.00