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Saranagati Dasi  “A Second-Generation Devotee Joins Krsna Consciousness”

Sharanagati Dasi was born and raised in Krsna consciousness. She left the Alachua community to pursue a career in modelling. Hear about her successful career and her battle with addiction. Learn how Sharanagati’s journey led her to eventually “join” the Hare Krsna movement.

Krsna Kishora Das (Kish) Shares on His Bhakti-filled Childhood & Family life

Get a glimpse of what he brings to the table for the show. Hear about his background and upbringing, his dynamic nature and the service opportunities he has created to suit his goals of life. Learn about what enthuses him about spiritual life.

“The Middle Way” Finding your way between Hollywood and the Himalayas  

Mukunda Michael Dewil is an award-winning Hollywood film director and screenwriter. He was initiated by HH Girirja Swami, with whom he travelled as his assistant for several years when Mukunda Das was a brahmachari. Tune in to hear about his journey in Krsna Consciousness and his insights into Hollywood and the filmmaking industry.

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