Bhakti Marriage for Men

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This course is designed especially for single men and women, young adults not yet in a relation. Nonetheless, we believe this course will be very useful and beneficial to you even if you are already in a relation, engaged or even married.

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The Bhakti Marriage for Women and Men Course Forum is part of the Bhakti Marriage for Women and Bhakti Marriage for Men Courses. It gives enrolled devotees a platform to start any marriage related discussion by posting open and private topics, follow the related replies, and participate in the discussions.

Devotee association is essential to progress in devotional life. And marriage with a devotee can be a beneficial and spiritually inspiring learning experience – caring for each other while serving together Sri Guru and Gauranga.

In this forum you can bring up any marriage related topic for discussion you want – no topic is off-limit. Therefore, take advantage!

Course Facilitators

Visvatmadeva das

Visvatmadeva das

Bhakti-Yoga Teacher & Forum Moderator
Happily married for 25+ years

Param Gati dasi

Well-being Counselor & Forum Moderator
Happily married for 25+ years

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