Annual Ministry Report 2021 - ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry

Annual Ministry Report 2021

Looking Back at 2021

Hare Krsna!

Please accept our humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

This year is coming to an end and we hope it was as blessed and heart warming as our Mayapur winter, because so many devotees have arrived here away from the cold to shelter at Mahaprabhu’s lotus feet.

Changes and new achievements have helped us get closer and stay motivated.

Here’s what our team is glad to present…

1. New Website Feature

Check out the Green Button –  this new feature shares information about the work of the CDM over the years.

Visit our website and have a look to know more!

Course Updates

Are devotees servants or students? Both! We’re very satisfied with our ISKCON disciples course, launched by our team in English, Bengali and the Hindi language.

All courses are easily accessible and can be accessed on our website.

Bhakti Vriksha

Groups could reach a hundred thousand people this year. They have organized several interactive courses, counseling sessions and monthly festivals for devotees and non-devotees alike. Cultural programs like dance, drama, and kirtan have helped them to connect with many influential people in society. Devotees have also introduced a Bhakti Vriksha module in the Telegu language.


Devotees have changed gear from large pandal programs to smaller and more intimate house programs. Being so enthusiastic, they have conducted around 6.000 house programs, seminars, street kirtans and book distribution sessions and have encouraged more than a million people to take to the process of devotional service.

Bhakti Kids

A Bhagavat Gita course for children is being created by our team member Nikunja Nivasini, with handbooks for different ages and guides for supervisors. All in English and Spanish. Lets spread our blessings and love for her great service! Jai!

Moreover, our little devotees received so much mercy through Festival kits and online sangas. Sangas celebrated 3 themes: Chandan yatra, Jai Jagannath Camp and Damodara Fun Month. Each theme was full of spiritual and engaging activities that each attracted over 300 kids from all over the world. Jay Nitai!

Visit our pages and experience the fun by getting free kits and videos! You will also find lesson plans and the latest updates on our new and exciting plans.


Damodara Outreach Program

Our transcendental competition has spread all over the world and hundreds of thousands are now offering lamps at the feet of our beloved butter thief Damodar.

Learn more in our app “Lamp a day” and participate next year in this global movement! 

Bhakti Steps

2021 was a successful year for this step-by-step approach to  sadhana-bhakti with a program that  encourages new members by recognizing their chanting and their personal spiritual standards.

An interactive website was created which has resulted in the implementation of this program in various parts of Europe, USA, the Middle East and India.

Offering to Lord Nrsimhadeva

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