Annual Ministry Report 2009 - ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry

Annual Ministry Report 2009

Annual Ministry Report 2009

a. Education and Training

1)  The Ministry had its first four-day CDM Vision Team Strategic Planning

meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Four members flew from India to join three other members from Malaysia.


a) Revised the mission and vision statement

b) Confirmation of an advisory board

c) Confirming a fund-raising committee

d) Established a Southeast Asia region

e) Formulated a broadcasting strategy

f) Publications: CD Journal, Nama Hatta guidelines,etc.

g) Donors and fund-raising plan

2)  The Secretary of the CDM produced an eight-lesson course, entitled “Building

Vibrant Vaishnava Communities” for the GBC Succession Committee. The course has already been presented once by Anuttama Prabhu, in Washington, D.C.

3) In July, the Southeast Asia CDM meeting was held in Klang, Malaysia, represented by delegates from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.


​1. Devotee database and yatra statistics

​2. Internal development—taking guidance from the Bhakta Handbook, Vaishnava etiquette, the Mentor system, and the Shiksa System.

​3. External development —FFL, harinama-sankirtana, book distribution, preaching programs (Nama Hatta, Bhakti Homes, Damodara, etc.]

​4. Leadership training—Annually

After two days, the CDM meeting was abruptly halted due to the sudden demise of HG Uttama Caitanya Prabhu, a member of the CDM Vision Team and TP of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

4)  A four-day “South American Convention for Pioneer Congregational Leaders” was held in Peru in October. Representatives form Colombia, Brazil, Argentina (2 centers), Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru ( 2 centers) attended.


a) Global cooperation in communication, printing materials, etc.

b) Creation of Cultures: “Giving Culture” & “Reporting Culture”

c) Global and local organization

d) Sharing outreach strategies

d) Devotee care

5) Designed the Sraddha-kutir (Bhakti Home) aproach, with the purpose of encouraging families of devotees in their Krsna conscious practices. This initiative is intended to support the temples toward expanding the growth of their congregations and the overall preaching.

We offer to all temples the required material for implementing the Sraddha-kutir program. These include certificates of recognition, explanatory brochures, stickers, and a booklet with implementation guidelines.

6) Promotion of the 30-year anniversary of Nama Hatta, through our most visited ISKCON websites, to acknowledge the importance of this outreach program.We will conclude this campaign by conducting a four-day seminar during the Gaura Purnima 2010 Festival in Sridham Mayapur, and by releasing the newly published book Godruma Kalpatavi, wherein Bhaktivinoda Thakura has established a plan for establishing Nama Hatta.


On “The Culture of Giving,” by Seva Swarupa das—Lima, Peru

On “Sradha kutir,” by Seva Swarupa das — Lima, Peru

On “Discovering New Leaders,” by Madhumangala das—Lima, Peru

–On “The Pastor and the Director,” by Madhumangala das—Lima,


7) New Committees under the umbrella of the CDM

The Committee for Armed Forces Spiritual Development

​We welcome His Grace Partha Sarathi Das to join forces.

​A Brief description of his activities:

​Chile—connections with military Soldiers and leaders.

​United States—two bases that have steady preaching on them.

​India—meeting with the India Air force Commander. He visited the Krsna-Balarama temple.

​Mauritius—many devotees are members of the Armed Forces, police force, government, etc.

​Distribution of the Bhagavad-gita in many military facilities

​Working to observe Diwali on bases with the Commanding General lighting a dipa.

​Continuing preaching in Iraq.

​Discussion with the Department of Defence Chaplaincy Team in D.C. to place books there.

b. Publications

​2 hand books for Bhakti-vriksa members


– Bhakti-vriksa Manual has been translated into Hindi.

– The Sector Leader has been translated into Spanish

– The Sector Servant has been translated into Spanish

– A grhastha book was presented by Caitanya Candra Carana in the Russian language.

The Ministry is helping HH Candramauli Swami to publish and finance the book Holy Jail.

ISKCON Prison Ministry

Freedom Newsletter and the monthly IPM News was revived, a short newsletter for the pleasure of the devotees, so that they may share in the prison preaching bliss. If you would like to receive it, please contact

However, 2009 had its share of heartache, as one of the pillars of the ministry, Shyama Priya Dasi, left her body in April. She has left a lifelong impression in the hearts of devotees, inmates, and chaplains as well. To this day, inmates regularly refer to her influence in their life through letters.

In keeping with her spirit, volunteers have pushed on with the prison preaching, sending hundreds of books, beads, and CDs to inmates.

c. Website/ E-mail

Two official Ministry websites (English and Spanish):

Related local sites: (Mumbai) (Kolkata) (Panama) (Brazil) (Russia) (Belgium) (Canada) (Poland)

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