Annual Ministry Report 2006 - ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry

Annual Ministry Report 2006

Education & Training

Congregational Preaching-

Without proper engagement





With proper education and training





• The Ministry organized (and substantially sponsored) four national educational congregational festivals in South America: Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Chile.

• We had two joint presentations together with the Ministry of Book Distribution. One as part of the Book Distribution seminars and the other one as part of the Congregational Development Seminars.

• The Minister, H.H. Jayapataka Swami, gave presentations during his extensive travels and especially at major devotee gatherings such as:

1. Boise

2. Seattle

3. Atlanta

4. Ecuador

5. Perú

6. Bolivia

7. Brasil

8. Chile

9. Argentina

10. New Govardhan

11. Sydney

12. Perth

13. Melbourne

14. Siberia

15. Moscow

16. Black Sea Coast National Festival

17. Lithuania

18. Poland

19. Croatia

20. Malaysia

21. Leicester

22. Rome

23. Accra (Ghana)

Kaunteya Das and Sri Radha Govinda Dasi presented courses on improving relations and communication in Brasil : (Sao Paulo, Gaura Vrindavana, Nova Gokula–twice-and Rio de Janeiro) and in Spain (Nueva Vrajamandala).

Kaunteya Das facilitated strategic planning sessions in Brasil (Sao Paulo) and Spain (Madrid).         

 He also directed a Bhakti-sastri course in Italy (Villa Vrindavana).

We are researching and discussing the G-12 approach some Christian Churches use in their congregational development.


• The Nectar of Congregational Preaching A book with key quotes from Srila Prabhupada and previous acaryas, interviews with contemporary ISKCON leaders, and other information.

• A new book by Prema Padmini Devi Dasi: The Sector-Servant

• Congregational Development Journal is being published.

• The book Free to Preach, by Prema Padmini Devi Dasi, was translated and published in Spanish.

• We translated into Spanish the six-book series “Bhakti-vriksha Training Programme,” produced by the “Mathuradesh Bhakti-vriksha Training Center”


• Both the visits and the posting of original articles on our website increased in 2006.

• We opened a new site of the Ministry in Spanish:

Major Congregational festivals around the world

• Malaysia

• Accra, Ghana

• Perú

• Moscow

• Black Sea Coast

• Croatia

• Serbia

• New Govardhan Australia

• Sydney

• Bangladesh

• Mayapur, India

• Tirupati, India

• Coimbatore,India

• Damodaradesh, Middle East, underground program

Congregational World Headlines

1. Tirupati:

• New ISKCON temple opening! About 8000 devotees celebrating!

• New yoga center in Sydney!

• Durban Ratha Yatra: 200,000 people, 4-day festival

2. Congregational book distribution news from India:

• Delhi: 200,000 Bhagavad-gitas

• Surat: 30,000 Bhagavad-gitas


• 16 Bhakti vriksha groups (155 members)

• 6 Nama Hatta centers

• 51 Public programs

• Weekly Mataji-sangas in Zadar, Zagreb, and Riyeka

4. In Varazdin, Ayodya deva Prabhu and Kalakanti Mataji conducted 128 house programs!

5. Pundarik Vidyanidhi’s Annual Festival in Bangladesh

6. Bhakti Vigna Nrisimha Maharaja is developing a congregation in Thailand.

7. There are thousands of congregational devotees in Bali.

8. In San Jose California,

9. Vaisesikha Prabhu is distributing books with the help of congregational devotees.

10. New Zealand Loft  preaching news:

• Devamrta Maharaja preaches to temple and congregational devotees.

11. Moscow: Janmastami celebration with 15,000 from the congregation

12. Benelux countries in Europe

• Congregational-oriented programs!

• Nama Hatta centers in Denhaag & Rotterdam!

• Antwerpen: run by the congregation!

• Amsterdam: temple highly oriented for the congregation!

• Radhadesh: a pilgrimage place for the congregation!

13. Dublin, Ireland

• Pragosh Prabhu has three popular restaurants.

• He is cultivating the congregation through prasadam.

• His paneer preparation is very famous.

14. South Korea:

Bhakti Purusottama Maharaja reports:

• Weekly B-g classes in yoga center by Patanjali das

• First B-g in Korean language published by congregational devotees

• Congregational members on harinama each Sunday

• Two times yearly the congregation organizes 3-day festivals

15. Congregational conference and training camp in northern Orissa, in Bhadrak. 800 devotees attended the festival!

• Gopal Krsna Maharaja reports:

Punjabhi Bagh:

-Number One in the world in book   distribution!

-400 congregational devotees distributed books!

-50% of the book distributors are congregational devotees!

• Tamil Nadu:

Prison preaching by Dr. Pasanthi

• Calcutta

67 Bhakti vrksha groups

• Malaysia Congregational Development News:

After merging Nama Hattas in 2005 the number of Sraddha Kutirs doubled

The congregational preaching is steadily growing from previous years.

Festival attendance growth since 2001

Development during the last three years

• Sraddha-kutirs (Krsna conscious homes)

o 5,030 two years ago

o 5,785 last year

o 7,126 this year

• 66,720 people attended educational programs last year.

• 58,248 people attended educational programs this year.

• 361,728 people attended the Sunday program,

• 661,728 people attended outdoor festivals,

• 72,756 people attended indoor festivals, and

• 12,256 children attended programs for children this year.

Total temples reporting

Sporadic 161

Regular 30

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