Annual Ministry Report 2008 - ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry

Annual Ministry Report 2008

Annual Ministry Report 2008

Education and Training

The minister HH Jayapataka Swami gave seminars in the following places worldwide:

Mayapur, Serbia, Chech Republic, Black See-coast summer camp, Switzerland, Baltic festival,

Siberia, Midlands South London, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, ICC meetings India, Mexico,

 Santiago, Chile; Lima, Peru; Guayaquil, Ecuador; Cali Colombia; Nova Gokula, Brazil;


Kaunteya Das gave seminars in different cities in China India, Italy and Mexico.

Kripamoya Prabhu published the book  (117 pages): ISKCON Small Group Manual; largely based on Bhakti-vriksha principles, it is written specifically for the UK but can have a larger audience and application. It’s an important reference.

The China Mission officially invited me to give presentations in China. I spent four weeks there, in different cities. I gave also presentations in India and Italy; I am working with Mexico.

Annual report from Vijay Venugopal prabhu and Prema Padmini Mataji:

March 2008: Conducted Grihastha seminars titled “Happy families, for the Kolkatta congregation.

April 2008: Visited a few places in India to develop Bhakti Vriksha.

May 2oo8: Seminars given in Uzbekistan, Moscow and several cities in Russia.

Meetings with leaders about Bhakti Vriksha and Vaishnava community development.

June: Seminars in Bangladesh on Bhakti Vriksha development in Chittagong and Dacca.

July: Seminars given in eastern Siberia and Altai festival, and discussions on Bhakti Vriksha development.

September: Bhakti Vriksha seminars at the Krinitsa festival in Russia, and in Uzbekistan for both the local devotees a swell as devotees from Kazhakstan.

Seminars conducted in Moscow and several other russian cities, on Vaishnava community development and establishing Bhakti Vrikshas.

November: Discussions with Bhakti Vriksha leaders in Juhu Mumbai on further further progressing BV.

December:  Seminars in Mathuradesh on Happy families for for every one, an more programs.

January 2009: Seminars in Moscow region and the Siberian region for further  expansion of Bhakti Vriksha.

January 2009: Mathuradesh visited to attend their indoor Ratha yatra as well as to review the progress of the devotees  in all the different parts of the country.

February 2009: Seminars conducted in the UK on Vaishnava communtiy development as well as seminars on Happy families

February 2009: Seminars in a few more places in India.

 Educational activities

Educational activities by Uttama Caitanya Das, Kuala Lumpur:

1) Mumbai: Meeting with Mukunda Madhava das and the congregational leaders after the Sunday programme.

2) Ahmedabad: Meeting with the congregational preachers

3) Vadodara:  Presentation of the Damodar Program

4)Vallabh Vidyanagar: Meeting with the congregational preachers.

5) Mauritius: Damodar Program introduced and they are already implementing it.

6) South Africa , Johannesburg:  The Damodar program was presented to the congregation at large.

7) South Africa, Pretoria: The Damodar program was presented.

8) South Africa,Durban:  Meeting with the congregational preachers and leaders.

They were highly impressed over the Malaysian success story.  The devotees were already discussing about the plans for 2009.

Overall  he sees Durban, Mauritius and Mumbai spearheading this preaching programme in the coming years and their success will create a ripple effect that may inspire the smaller yatras to jump onto the bandwagon.


Seminars given by Seva Swarupa Das:


              “ Implementation of Sraddha-kutir.

               ”Damodar Program” and “The Culture of Giving”.


                In Nova Gokula On the topic of Sraddha-Kutir.


               Seminars by Seva Swarupa das, Sarva Shakti dd related to the implementation of the ”

Sraddha-kutir “and  “The culture of Giving”.

Ongoing projects:

Kaunteya das is working on an eight-lesson course called “Building Vibrant Vaisnava Communities” for the Leadership course being developed by the GBC Succession Committee.

The premier presentation will be in Washington DC, starting on 14 March 2009 (and later it will be taken in different parts of the world).

The GBC Organizational Development Commitee in its London meetings at the beginning of January 2009 also focused on the questions: how the GBC can become more relevant to the vast majority of ISKCON members, the home-based ones? How to develop a system of membership?

Caitanya Jivan Prabhu, in charge of Bhaktivedanta Manor’s volunteers, is developing a course for reception of guests. He envisions to complete it (with the help of various professionals) by May or so.

b. Publications

BV Manual and Book of Icebreakers are being translated into Chinese.

Vijaya-venugopala & Prema Padmini published The Third Partner, about family in KC; devotees seem to appreciate the book very much.

The book Nectar of Congregational Preaching was translated into Portuguese and is in the process of editing and printing.

The Ministry provided and financed Spanish materials for implementing the Sraddha-kutir program in Latin America (certificates, brochures and stickers)

Other Spanish projects: translation completed of Nectar of the Congregational Preaching, Taking Care of Krsna’s Devotees (By Niranjana Swami) and The Third Partner. 100 Deviations of Ritvikism is been translated.

The Ministry is helping HH Candramauli Swami to publish and finance the book ”Prision Preaching”.

Coming soon: “100 deviations of fitvikism” and two more books for congregational preachers.

c. Website/E-mail

official Ministry


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