Annual Ministry Report 2007 - ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry

Annual Ministry Report 2007

Annual Ministry Report 2007

  1. Congregational conference and training camp in northern Orissa, in Bhadrak. 800 devotees attended the festival!
  2. Gopal Krsna Maharaja reports:

 Punjabhi Bagh – Number One in the world in book   distribution!

-400 congregational devotees distributed books!

-50% of the book distributors are congregational devotees!

  • Tamil Nadu:

Prison preaching by Dr. Pasanthi

  • Calcutta

67 Bhakti vrksha groups

Malaysia Congregational Development News:

After merging Nama Hattas in 2005 the number of Sraddha Kutirs doubled

The congregational preaching is steadily growing from previous years.

Festival attendance growth since 2001

Development during the last three years

  • Sraddha-kutirs (Krsna conscious homes)
    • 5,030 two years ago
    • 5,785 last year
    • 7,126 this year
  • 66,720 people attended educational programs last year.
  • 58,248 people attended educational programs this year.
  • 361,728 people attended the Sunday program,
  • 661,728 people attended outdoor festivals,
  • 72,756 people attended indoor festivals, and
  • 12,256 children attended programs for children this year.

Total temples reporting

sporadic                      regular

161                               30

 Education and Training

The minister HH Jayapataka Swami gave seminars in the following places worldwide:

Mayapur, Serbia, Chech Republic, Black See-coast summer camp, Switzerland, Baltic festival,

Siberia, Midlands South London, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, ICC meetings India, Mexico, Santiago, 

Chile; Lima, Peru; Guayaquil, Ecuador; Cali Colombia; Nova Gokula, Brazil;


Kaunteya Das gave seminars in different cities in China India, Italy and Mexico.

Kripamoya Prabhu published the book (117 pages): ISKCON Small Group Manual; largely based on Bhakti-vriksha principles, it is written specifically for the UK but can have a larger audience and application. It’s an important reference.

The China Mission officially invited me to give presentations in China. I spent four weeks there, in different cities. I gave also presentations in India and Italy; I am working with Mexico.

Annual report from Vijay Venugopal prabhu and Prema Padmini Mataji:March 2008:

Conducted Grihastha seminars titled

 “Happy families”, for the Kolkatta congregation. 

April 2008: Visited a few places in India to develop Bhakti Vriksha.

May 2oo8: Seminars given in Uzbekistan, Moscow and several cities in Russia.

Meetings with leaders about Bhakti Vriksha and Vaishnava community development.

June: Seminars in Bangladesh on Bhakti Vriksha development in Chittagong and Dacca.

 July: Seminars given in eastern Siberia and Altai festival, and discussions on Bhakti Vriksha development.

September: Bhakti Vriksha seminars at the Krinitsa festival in Russia, and in Uzbekistan for both the local devotees a swell as devotees from Kazhakstan.

Seminars conducted in Moscow and several other Russian cities, on Vaishnava community development and establishing Bhakti Vrikshas.

November: Discussions with Bhakti Vriksha leaders in Juhu Mumbai on further further

progressing BV.

December:  Seminars in Mathuradesh on Happy families for every one, an more programs.

January 2009: Seminars in Moscow region and the Siberian region for further  expansion of Bhakti Vriksha.

January 2009: Mathuradesh visited to attend their indoor Ratha yatra as well as to review the progress of the devotees  in all the different parts of the country.

February 2009: Seminars conducted in the UK on Vaishnava communtiy development as well as seminars on Happy families. February 2009: Seminars in a few more places in India.

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