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Becoming Your Devotee - PART 2


Get ready to dive into the fun world of Krsna consciousness once again! In Part 2, we explore three of the nine processes of devotional service—chanting, hearing and prayer. There’s also an exciting chapter all about Radha and Krsna! After you have read the lesson, stories and discussed the questions you can engage in more than 100 activities such as crafts, dramas, exercises, music, cooking, games and much more! 

This fun workbook is not just about learning the practices of Krsna consciousness; it’s designed to help and inspire you to practically apply these principles to mould your lives around Krsna.

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Gauranga Darshan Das

“I am delighted to see the exceptional publication Becoming Your Devotee, which introduces the key aspects of bhakti to children in an engaging, understandable, and relatable manner. My heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to the author, Gourangi Gandharvika Devi Dasi, for thoughtfully addressing the spiritual needs of the younger generation through this book. The well-researched content, captivating illustrations, enjoyable activities, and relevant references to scriptural episodes make this work truly commendable. May Lord Gauranga bless the author to continue producing such remarkable books, and may the Lord also shower blessings upon the young readers, deepening their devotion.”

HG Gauranga Darshan Dasa – ISKCON Leader, Educator and Author 

Candramauli Swami

“The books are really beautiful! I went through both of them, and I think if you are serious about spiritual education for our youngsters you can use these books to guide the children. It will also help parents in the practice of Krsna consciousness. The diagrams and puzzles look very interesting that I would like to give it a try myself! I think every family who has children between the ages 8-15 and maybe even higher will find these books very valuable to educate, inspire and absorb children in a very meaningful way so that they can learn and have a very fun time learning in Krsna consciousness.”

HH Candramauli Swami – ISKCON Leader and Guru

Gokul Garden

“Becoming Your Devotee is a remarkable resource for our Gokul Garden children classes. We have been using this book as our syllabus for the past 2 years and it has truly enhanced the learning experience for the children, making the classes more engaging and enjoyable. One of the highlights of the book is the inclusion of practical Krsna conscious activities. These activities not only deepen their understanding of the teachings but also allow them to actively participate in devotional practices.”

Gokul Garden Sunday School – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Chaitanya's Children Sunday School

““Becoming Your Devotee is a delightful Krsna conscious kids’ activity book that seamlessly blends spirituality with fun. As a Sunday school instructor, I’ve witnessed the genuine enthusiasm it sparks in kids, creating an effective and joyful educational experience. With 25 students regularly using this book for our classes, it has proven to be an invaluable tool for instilling spiritual values in our Sunday school community.”

Chaitanya’s Children Sunday School – Belfast, United Kingdom


“I had so much fun reading Becoming Your Devotee that I even asked my mom to include it as part of my studies. I also used the book to teach my dolls! I’m happy that the book was thick which meant that there was a lot of interesting things to read. I also liked the cooking and other devotional activities that were in the book as these will help children to learn basic life activities that they will use when they get older.”

Karuna – 10 years old, Lebanon


“Becoming Your Devotee is an amazing guidebook for children to develop Krsna consciousness. I recommend it for all children who desire to know more about Lord Krsna in a fun and interactive way. It has been a source of great inspiration in my life.”

Chiranjeevi Sriram – 12 years old, India

This series serves as a comprehensive resource for your home, but its reach extends far beyond. Becoming Your Devotee is being used as a curriculum in Sunday schools, children’s programs, and schools worldwide, engaging thousands of children. Our aim is to nourish children’s love for Krsna, so they find so much taste and happiness in being a devotee, that they feel inspired to choose and follow the path of bhakti. 

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