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Spreading the mercy of 7th Goswami, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur, in Russia

The Godruma Kalpatavi book by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur is immensely entertaining and emotional, while simultaneously presenting a strategic, scientific, and well-managed method whereby we can utilize our talents, skills, and qualities in different areas to spread Krsna’s love and, in the process, attain perfection. We can easily feel Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur’s ecstasies of pure love […]

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Bhishma Panchaka Fasting

The fasting austerities for the last 5 days of Kartika (Damodara) Month are known as “Bhisma Pancaka Vrata”. Grandfather Bhisma fasted for these five days, preparing to give up his life. However one observes Kartika-vrata, he should intensify it for the last five days. If someone observes this fast, he is considered to have observed

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Glories of Indira Ekadasi

Date of fasting (Mayapur): 21/09/2022Breaking fast on 22/09/2022 | 06:02 (sunrise) – 09:27 (1/3 of daylight) LT ‘In Mahishmati lives a king named Indrasena. Please tell him about my situation here— that because of my past sinful deeds I have somehow been forced to reside inYamaraja’s kingdom. Please give him this message from me: “Oh

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Glories of Parsva Ekadasi

Parsva Ekadasi Date of fasting (Mayapur): 07/09/2022 Breaking fast on 08/09/2022 | 05:20 (sunrise) – 09:29 (1/3 of daylight) LT ‘One should therefore observe Parivartinii Ekadasi carefully. Indeed, it is especially purifying and thus cleanses one of all sinful reactions. On this day the faithful devotee should worship Lord Trivikrama, Vamanadeva, who is the supreme

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Glories of Annada Ekadasi

Annada Ekadasi Date of fasting (Mayapur): 23/08/2022 Breaking fast on 24/08/2022 | 05:15 (sunrise) – 08:32 (1/3 of daylight) LT ‘Oh king, during the dark fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada there occurs an especially meritorious Ekadasi named Aja (Annada) which removes all sins. Indeed, this Ekadasi is so auspicious that if you simply fast

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Glories of Pavitraropana Ekadasi

Pavitraropana Ekadasi Date of fasting (Mayapur): 08/08/2022 Breaking fast on 09/08/2022 | 05:09 (sunrise) – 09:31 (1/3 of daylight) LT ‘We have come to you, Oh exalted sage, to ask for your help in solving a very serious problem. Oh sage, you are like Lord Brahma. Indeed, there is no better sage in the entire

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Glories of Kamika Ekadasi

Kamika Ekadasi Date of fasting (Mayapur): 24/07/2022 Breaking fast on 25/07/2022 | 05:03 (sunrise) – 09:29 (1/3 of daylight) LT ‘This Ekadasi is so powerful that if one who is unable to fast simply follows the practices as mentioned herein, s/he is elevated to the heavenly planets, along with all their forefathers.’ Hare Krsna. There

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The Incorporation of ISKCON in New York, in 1966

The qualities of a pure devotee are explained in Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (4.12.37) śāntāḥ sama-dṛśaḥ śuddhāḥ sarva-bhūtānurañjanāḥ yānty añjasācyuta-padam Acyuta-priya-bāndhavāḥ  Persons who are peaceful, equipoised, cleansed and purified, and who know the art of pleasing all other living entities, keep friendship only with devotees of the Lord; they alone can very easily achieve the perfection of going

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It is believed that Lord Vishnu falls asleep for four months in the Kshir Sagar (the ocean of Milk) on Shesh Naga (Ananta shesha, the Lord of Snakes — one of the forms of Sri Balaram). Hence this marks the first day of Chaturmasya, which falls on the Ekadasi day (11th lunar day). Because of

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Glories of Sayana Ekadasi

Sayana Ekadasi (Padma Ekadasi) Date of fasting (Mayapur): 10/07/2022 Breaking fast on 11/07/2022 | 04:57 (sunrise) – 09:27 (1/3 of daylight) LT ‘Now, why is there a terrible drought in our kingdom? The Holy Scriptures discuss this subject very thoroughly. If a king (or head of the country) is irreligious, both he and his subjects

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