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Becoming Your Devotee

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Becoming Your Devotee provides children with a fun way to learn interesting Krsna conscious topics. After you have read the lesson, stories and discussed the questions you can engage in more than 150 fun-filled activities such as crafts, dramas, exercises, music, cooking, games and so much more! These chapters will inspire you to practically apply this spiritual knowledge to make Krsna the center of your life, with the purpose of helping you on your spiritual journey – taking steps towards Krsna through the process of devotional service.

This book can also be used as a curriculum for parents and teachers who are looking for Krsna conscious material to support programs in their congregations or at home with the aim of nourishing their love for Krsna and in which they find so much taste and happiness in being a devotee, that they feel inspired to choose and follow the path of bhakti.

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