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  • Bhakti-vriksha

    Bhakti Vriksha Teacher’s Hand Book (Hindi)

    From: $ 3.00
    This Book is a comprehensive guide to help the Bhakti Vriksha Servant Leaders in undertaking their classes.
    Some Special Features of this Book:
    * Set Aims and Objectives of each Week of the Module.
    * Relevant topics given to the each week.
    * Guide to conduct the Bhakti Vriksha comprehensively.
    * Covered all the parts of Bhakti Vriksha Week: Spiritual Edification, Nectar of Holy Name and Preaching is the Essence.
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    Sri Godruma Kalpatavi (Hindi)

    From: $ 2.00
    Sri Godruma Kalpatavi was originally produced in Bengal 120 years ago by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, to guide leaders and members in his preaching movement. The topics discussed are very practical issues often faced by those with families and careers who also want to fully engage in practicing and preaching Krsna consciousness.

    His Holiness Jayapataka Maharaja felt Godruma Kalpatavi to be so relevant to the lives of devotees today that he translated the text and inspired the current publication.

  • Hindi books

    The Bhakti-vriksha Module (Hindi)

    From: $ 3.00

    This set consists of the Shradhavan, Krsna Sevaka, Krsna Sadhaka, Srila Prabhupada Asraya, and Guru Ashraya levels which are called Siksha levels.

    This Bhakti-vriksha Module is an aid for the Bhakti-vriksha Servant Leader (A Group Leader is called a “Servant Leader” since he serves the Group and its members) to conduct the group meetings in a systematic manner.  It is a lesson plan for your program.

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