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Closure of Gaura Purnima

“The best time and place is Mayapur on Lord Caitanya’s Appearance day and that is not only the best for me but for everyone. Mayapur is meant for that. If possible, all devotees from all our centers should go”

{Srila Prabhupada’s Letter to Tamal Krsna, 20th July 1973}

After three weeks of joyful Gaura Purnima festivities in Mayapur, the festival comes to an end. The devotees all round the world start to leave Mayapur with mixed feelings. These last weeks were filled with wonderful association, hearing and chanting of the Holy Name and feasting on sumptuous prasada. It’s hard to imagine that its over… but at the same time they eagerly look forward to returning to their respective yatras and sharing what they’ve gained in Mayapur.

With their spiritual batteries recharged, devotees will go back to their respective yatra and preach Mahaprabhu’s Sankirtan movement with renewed enthusiasm. This is the purpose for Srila Prabhupada wanting his leading preachers to meet in Mayapur annually – to become enthused and to spread this enthusiasm everywhere. All those who came this year will undoubtedly be looking forward to coming back to Mayapur for next Gaura Purnima.

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