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Marketing the Holy Name

By His Holiness Jayapataka Swami  Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura reveals that the process of marketing the holy name integrates the holy dhamas, the temples, and also small units like bhakti branches. Lord Nityananda established the sacred abode of Navadvipa-dhama as the head office of the Nama Hatta.  The first branch of the Nama Hatta is related to […]

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New Bhakti-Vriksha Hands On Training Course!

Srila Prabhupada says, “Man without any aim is a ship without any rudder”, he further added, “without aim, what is the use of practice”. This Course provides the required direction for those developing congregational preaching. It is especially designed for those interested in learning to facilitate Bhakti Vriksha sessions in a systematic manner. Recommended for those

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Benefits of Bhakti Vriksha Training

How to strengthen your congregational leadership and benefit your local temple. Yaduraja Krsna Prabhu, Temple President of ISKCON TAIPING Malaysia, shares his experience in receiving the Bhakti-Vriksha Hands-On training course in Mayapur last November.  This interactive course is presented regularly in Mayapur and this Gaura Purnima festival, due to a large number of requests, it will

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Power Of Women

A team of matajis have been steadily maintaining an exciting outreach program in Durban, South Africa for the last 12 years led by Rangadevi Mataji. They have been conducting plays, cooking and distributing prasadam (sanctified food offered first to Lord Krsna) to the children who are lead in blissful Harinam sankirtan processions (singing the Hare

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“Business Models” in Spreading the Culture of Bhakti

The sankirtan movement of Lord Caitanya is compared – by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura – to a marketplace. The goods are the holy names and the purchasing power is one’s faith. In this marketing, some approaches are more successful, more effective – some are less. ISKCON’s predominant function is to spread the method for self-realization for

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Gaura Purnima Courses 2019

Gaura Purnima Courses 2019                              “CONNECTING PEOPLE TO KRSNA” As a movement, we are good at advertising and planting seeds but we are not so good at harvesting. This interesting workshop offers 7 simple steps in existing outreach programs with the purpose of optimizing our success and tangible results

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