Challenges in Establishing Bhakti-vriksha – Challenge Three

Video Transcript Challenge number three – this is a psychological challenge in some of the leaders. The fear of losing control – losing control over people. Some people may have a sense that the congregation is almost their own property. And Bhakti-vriksha of course empowers people to give shelter to the people. Empowers devotees in

Challenges in Establishing Bhakti-vriksha – Challenge Two

Video Transcript Challenge number Two – Lack of Dialogue: That means, that sometimes, we, like the ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry, or our Bhakti-vriksha coaches introduce the idea, but sometimes we don’t find then a lot of receptivity. Sometimes devotees don’t really want to talk about the potentialities, the benefits, the advantages of doing Bhakti-vriksha. And sometimes

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