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Lord Nrsimhadeva Stops Storms

I remember once we had a program to test for the first time the Nitai Pada Kamala boat that was ordered by my Guru Maharaj, H.H. Jayapataka Swami, for preaching in the villages along the Ganges. I was asked to do the first tour in the boat, but I wanted to take the students from the Gurukul school.

We organized the cooking of prasadam for 120 people that day, but suddenly it became dark and cloudy–almost raining. Tara Prabhu, who was in charge of the students, told me he was sorry but he had to cancel the journey, because the boys would get sick. I was shocked. I was already in the kitchen preparing the prasadam, while another devotee was cooking pasta and sauce.

I heard Tara’s words, and immediately ran to the temple and begged Pankajanghri Prabhu to pray to Lord Nrsimhadeva to stop the rain and dissipate the dark clouds. When he saw my determination, he said, “It is done by your faith.” I went up to continue cooking. After two minutes I went out to see the sky, and the dark clouds opened, creating a beam of sunlight shining directly over the school. I phoned Tara Prabhu and said, “Go out and see what is happening and how sunny it is! No rain!” After twenty minutes, he called me and said, “Ok. Yes. Let’s go.” It is so amazing that Lord Nrsimhadeva reciprocates instantly. But even more amazing is that when we came back from the journey, about three minutes before we reached the shore, it started raining, as the mission was accomplished.

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